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Fyrnlosing is a world of my own creation. The name is drawn from Old Saxon and means, roughly, lost to destruction. It is the site of the book I am currently writing, tentatively titled "The Broken Land". The book (which hopefully is the start of a series) asks the question: What is left of a world with both technology and magic a thousand years after an explosion tears the world apart?

I will use this page to provide short stories related to that land, including the story of its creation. I will also use it to show interested readers what it and the people in it look like in my mind as I develop it further.

I am in the process of building a version of Fyrnlosing in the virtual world inWorldz. Most of my main characters, including Cait from the story "The Calling" already live there. When it is a bit further along I will provide a link so that you can come see it.

The First Keeper.- A long time ago, when the world was new, there was magic everywhere. Each tree, each rock, every drop of water was filled with magic. Only the old gods lived here then.
As time went on they became bored with each other's company so they began creating other beings that had the ability to think, to speak, and most of all, to create new things. All agreed this was a wonderful idea since there was a great deal of land and very few gods. Read More.

The Calling. - "Where am I?", thought the girl, confused as she looked down at her sore foot - sore because she'd just cut it on a sharp stone.
The last she remembered she'd been in bed, exhausted after all the chores her mother set her were finally complete.
"How did I get HERE?", she thought. For she was just beyond her own front garden.
"I was asleep", she mused. "But there was a lake, a beautiful peaceful lake with trees all around. And a voice that semed almost a song."
"What did it say?" Read More.

The Birth of Fyrnlosingnew
Lights burning, platforms floating in air,
Magic waiting, sourced in land so fair,
Power calls power, high in the tower,
Greatness desiring, they should beware.
Read More.